Who is Dee?

Welcome to my

This is my personal activist blog. I write about my activist activities, including the peace ☮ movement, politics and other progressive issues & topics in Utah and beyond.

I pledge allegiance to all life
in its interdependent diversity;
and to the Planet upon which it exists, one World, under the sky, undividable
with harmony and balance for all.

~written by Tom King, Dee’s husband, for Blue Sky Institute, 2001

I am Deanna Dee-Dee Taylor. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and am originally from Maryland. I am an activist for peace and justice. I am a founder of Blue Sky Institute . I am a career educator.

I am married to a wonderful man, Tom King, and we do almost everything together! We have four wonderful grown children and five grandchildren!

The sunflower is my favorite plant. Aside from its many uses (food, oil, etc.), it is a symbol of hope, peace, and non-violence. I have a dedicated personal page on sunflowers.

Read more about Dee at her personal website, Deanna Taylor.