Planned Parenthood Honk and Wave

I participated in the Women's Health Rights Honk and Wave organized by Planned Parenthood on Wednesday.  This was in protest to the Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold the Federal Ban on abortion.  Mind you, six white guys have decided what the fate of women's health issues are in this country.  Women, we have been … Continue reading Planned Parenthood Honk and Wave


Sad Day for Women’s Health

Even though three states three district courts and a Court of Appeal declared a nationwide ban on a procedure known as partial birth abortion, the US supreme court upheld the ban.This amounted to the first restriction imposed on abortion rights since women won the right to terminate pregnancies in 1973. The 5-4 vote in favour … Continue reading Sad Day for Women’s Health

Utahns don’t want to spend money on abortion ban bill

I am cautiously optimistic after seeing this in today's news: Abortion bill opposed: 52% don't support spending millions on Roe challenge According to a poll conducted by the Deseret News, a little over half of those polled do not want to spend money on this issue. I am optimistic because it means that folks are … Continue reading Utahns don’t want to spend money on abortion ban bill

Utah Legislators continue to “show women their place”

It's bad enough that the men of our legislature are making decisions regarding women's reproductive choices for women of our state. Now they are continuing to "put women in their place" by preventing them from other health care needs. A House Committee killed a bill for healthcare that would potentially prevent a fatal form of … Continue reading Utah Legislators continue to “show women their place”

Movie of my speech

Here is a copy of the movie taken of me today giving my speech in Tuscon at the National Women's Caucus (Green Party of the United States) press conference (click link below). Much gratitude to J.T. Waldron of: Sound and Fury Productions 2301 E. Broadway Blvd, #111 Tucson, AZ 85719 1-866-624-9710 Fax 1(520)624-3143 Deanna's speech

Tuscon, continued

Today will be a very busy day in Tuscon. Workshops all morning, plenary session all afternoon, interspersed with press conferences. I learned A LOT yesterday about water conservation and initiatives, environmental racism. I presented a workshop on nuclear issues which was videotaped by a delegate in New Jersey. Today I will be attending the campaign … Continue reading Tuscon, continued

I will be a featured speaker at press conference in Tuscon

While I was en route across the country I received a call asking me to be a featured speaker at a national press conference at the Green Party of the United States National Committee Meeting in Tuscon. The press conference will be Friday, July 28 at 3pm and will consist of all Green women candidates. … Continue reading I will be a featured speaker at press conference in Tuscon

Women’s Issues

I have developed another position statement for my campaign, this time a personal experiences statement on women's issues. I'm sure there are many women out there who can sympathize and have even more hardship stories to share. --------------------------------- I raised three children and have a grandchild on the way. While I haven't had what I … Continue reading Women’s Issues