War Supplemental Vote Early Next Week

Here is status of the Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan war supplemental bill for the remainder of 2009. According to a report I received from a constituent who talked with Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree's Military Legislative Assistant, Eric Hansen, the bill is in the House Appropriations Committee now and that it would likely be voted on in the House … Continue reading War Supplemental Vote Early Next Week


FBI plans large hiring blitz of agents, experts

I guess this is part of the economic stimulus package in the U.S. - to ramp up law enforcement:By James Vicinihttp://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090105/us_nm/us_usa_fbi Reuters – FBI investigators examine a crime scene at a California parking lot in a 2006 photo. (Phil Klein/Reuters) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Wanted by the FBI: agents, language specialists, computer experts, intelligence analysts and finance experts. … Continue reading FBI plans large hiring blitz of agents, experts


There is an interesting conversation happening over on Facebook about the article I posted, The Emperor’s New ClothesI have hidden the names of all the commentors, but here are the contents of the response thus far:Respondent 1:  Are there actually people dumb or gullible enough to believe the absurdly blatant lies upon which this left wing loon … Continue reading Iraq

Shoes for Bush action

It warms my heart when people take an event in the news and turn it into action: http://www.shoebush.orgJOIN US IN WASHINGTON,DCJanuary,19th SHOES FOR BUSH action "For the widows, the orphans, and those killed in Iraq." send me your old shoes to take to DC. ALL SHOES DONATED to the needy in the DC/Baltimore area and … Continue reading Shoes for Bush action

Order 81: Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia

Thanks to Paul Bremer, this is what "democracy" looks like in Iraq: Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia By Andrew Bosworth, Ph.D.Uruknet, One would think that Iraqi farmers, now prospering under "freedom" and "democracy," would be able to plant the seeds of their choosing, but that choice, under little-known Order 81, would be illegal. But first, it … Continue reading Order 81: Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia

Army combat unit to deploy within U.S. – Martial Law Experiment

Army combat unit to deploy within U.S. The First Raiders will spend 2009 as the first active-duty military unit attached to the U.S. Northern Command since it was created. They will be based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, and focus primarily on logistics and support for local police and rescue personnel, the Army says. The plan … Continue reading Army combat unit to deploy within U.S. – Martial Law Experiment

*What* progress?

Just after George W. Bush made his speech to the American public last Thursday night giving his compelling reasons for maintaining a strong military presence in Iraq since "progress" is supposedly being made, this report came out:Iraq report shows slow progress being madeas reported by ctv.ca  and the Associated Press The report indicates that, while … Continue reading *What* progress?