Let the Games Begin!

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)Today’s opening of the Utah Legislature will bring  a variety of  issues in the spotlight, among them being: The Budget- addressing the “shortfall” and how/if to use the “rainy day” fund and other measures to generate revenue -  and within the budget debate are the hot topics of public and higher … Continue reading Let the Games Begin!

Ethics Reform in Utah: The People Speak

(Cross-posted at Utah Legislature Watch)Authors at Utah Legislature Watch have posted numerous articles in the past about Utah Legislators Ethics. This year will be no exception . since even before the session begins, there is already continued talk about ethics reform. Last week the Deseret News published an article about a bill that has come … Continue reading Ethics Reform in Utah: The People Speak

Language of lobbyist bill in question

HB345, a bill that was passed in the 2009 Utah Legislative session, prevents former Utah Lawmakers from returning t othe Legislator as paid lobbyists for one year. Well, sort of. Turns out that the Utah Lt. Governor’s office has interpreted the language of the bill in such a way that allows former lawmakers to still … Continue reading Language of lobbyist bill in question