We the People March Forth!

Today was an event that I helped organize: It was a great event. People I've never seen before came - and represented all political veiwpoints. The program consisted of speakers, interspersed with volunteers from the audience reading the 10 amendments to the constitution - The Bill of Rights. While it all was inspiring, the most … Continue reading We the People March Forth!

Habeas Corpus, 1789-2006

Watch this and pass it on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igycXBseoAg Daryl at The Candidate says: The recent bill passed by Congress gives the President unlimited authority to declare anyone as an enemy combatant, without any oversight. Once declared an enemy combatant, you can be legally imprisoned without a trial. Forever.

Lawmakers fail to raise minimum wage in Utah – Republicans limit public testimony

Utah's minimum wage will not be raised, thanks to lawamakers in both the Senate and House voting down measures that would increase liveable wages for its citizens. The state's minimum wage has remained the same since 1997. 18 other states and the District of Columbia have successfully passed measures to raise minimum wages this year. … Continue reading Lawmakers fail to raise minimum wage in Utah – Republicans limit public testimony

Hits and Misses

Hit House OKs limits on records access At least there is some hope for Utahns' private information not being released. House members approved legislation Thursday that would limit public access to Utahns' addresses and phone numbers. HB28 would protect personal information required on government documents - unless the record is classified as public, such as … Continue reading Hits and Misses