Rainbow Gathering: Around and About

A really cool feature of the Rainbow Gathering is just taking in the sights - the people and all the creativity.  Here are more photos:A labyrinth in a field of "cairn art"Peace Art          A very creative (and probably labor intensive!) fire pit for nightly entertainment:The Prayer Pole in the Main Meadow where all the meals … Continue reading Rainbow Gathering: Around and About


Rainbow Gathering: Camps and Kitchens

The Rainbow Gathering has been occurring annually since 1972.  Each year the "Gathering of Tribes" is held in a different National Forest.  There are numerous kitchens and camps at the Gathering.  We called our little camp "Welcome Om":Our friend who owns the Salt Lake City Info Shop Free Speech Zone set up her camp there … Continue reading Rainbow Gathering: Camps and Kitchens

Rainbow Gathering Police Presence

The police presence at the Rainbow Gathering this year was quite unsettling.  There is always some type of police presence near the Gathering and sometimes within the Gathering, but this year seemed to be heavy on that presence (at least in my limited experience - this was my 4th Gathering since 1998).  On our way … Continue reading Rainbow Gathering Police Presence

National Rainbow Gathering: Fun and Facts

I am back from 4 days in the Wyoming Mountains from the Annual National Rainbow Gathering.  Over the next couple of days I will have stories and photos to share.  I wanted to write in tonight, however, as a heads up that I will have an account of what happened with the police action on … Continue reading National Rainbow Gathering: Fun and Facts