National Security over all other securities: Get ready Utah.

Utah legislators have made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Federal Government from dictating the affairs of the state.That is, except for spying on people.Utah is about to be descended upon by the National Security Administration (NSA).The Army has awarded a $1.2 billion contract to a construction consortium to … Continue reading National Security over all other securities: Get ready Utah.

The Guv’s Fiscal 2012 Budget Recommendations

Governor Herbert’s Fiscal 2012 Budget Recommendations can be viewed in their entirety here: Links to more information, reviews and articles on the Budget Recommendations can be found at this Google Search Engine Page.I will be posting on select budget items throughout the legislative session.(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

Using the word “never” in activism

As time passes I realize that using absolutes like "never" or "always" is pretty unrealistic.A couple of years ago I was faced with having to get an emergency container of formula for my grandson because we forgot to bring it with us.  The only place around was Walmart.  So the decision had to be made:  … Continue reading Using the word “never” in activism

It’s that time of year again….

I am being inundated with donation solicitations from organizations as a last minute reminder to get those 2010 tax write-offs taken care of. While most of the solicitations I receive are from worthy organizations, here are my top picks, by all means not inclusive of all the great organizations out there doing wonderful things for our … Continue reading It’s that time of year again….

The Status of Electoral Reform in Utah

Today is Green Blog Action Day over at Green Change.  The topic for today is electoral reform, which is addressed  in the Green Party's platform.   It will be interesting to read from bloggers on Green Change from all over the country on the topic of electoral reform.   My contribution to the Green Blog Action … Continue reading The Status of Electoral Reform in Utah

Happy 90th Birthday League of Women Voters

The candles may have been blown out, but  The League of Women Voters is still kickin’ up fire as it turned 90 this week .   The Utah Legislature took time to recognize the group in yesterday’s session - a video can be viewed at the LWV’s Facebook page: House Representative Carol Spackman Moss took … Continue reading Happy 90th Birthday League of Women Voters