David Rovics – photos from tonight’s concert

Tonight's concert at the U went well. About 50 people attended. Between David's sets the Salt Lake City Slam Poets performed. Everyone was aweseome! Here are some photos: Mike Middleton, Debate Coach at the U (The U of U Debate Team organized this event): Me - speaking about People for Peace and Justice of Utah … Continue reading David Rovics – photos from tonight’s concert


Michael Franti’s Concert

Yesterday was fabulous. I got to the Gallivan Center around 1:00pm with a handful of other folks and by 1:30 had staked out my spot for the first concert in the annual Twilight Concert Series of the season, featuring artist Michael Franti & Spearhead. The highlight for me was meeting Michael. I approached him and … Continue reading Michael Franti’s Concert

Twilight Concert Series – Michael Franti

Thursday evening I am going to attend the Twilight Concert Series opening concert, featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead: Michael Franti & Spearheadcreate an ultra-infectious mix of classic soul, funk and hip-hop culminating in a unique and powerful blend. Frontman Michael Franti has been important in the world of music for years, fi rst emerging as … Continue reading Twilight Concert Series – Michael Franti

Tribute to Pete Seeger

Legendary Folk Musician and Storyteller Pete Seeger turns 87 today. Seeger has for decades entertained and educated audiencs of all ages with his messages of social justice. Bruce Springsteen has assembled a group of 18 diverse musicians to record "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions". Links to information on Pete Seeger Pete Seeger Appreciation Page … Continue reading Tribute to Pete Seeger

Poets and Cheerleaders Slam at Slamdance

Last night's Slamdance Film Festival's very first Poetry Slam was a huge success! It was held at Free Speech Zone in Sugarhouse. Poets from across the country participated. Salt Lake's Radical Cheerleaders, Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs made an appearance! I have posted photos here of the event. Cheerleaders Practicing: People arriving and performers in … Continue reading Poets and Cheerleaders Slam at Slamdance

The Arts of Activism

The Arts of Activism Blog Posts Lennon, the FBI, and "Known Protestors" Mozart the Genius: Musically and Politically Remembering John Lennon Slam Dance Poetry Slam Sundance Film Festival David Rovics: New Orleans Songs of Protest Tribute to Pete Seeger Arts Projects Make Some Noise Axis of Justice Power to the Peaceful Speak Out! Art For … Continue reading The Arts of Activism