Afghanistan Escalation

The peace community around the nation is outraged at Obama's announcement of the deployment of 35,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. But should we be surprised? Obama promised the reduction of forces in Iraq and further escalation in Afghanistan during his presidential campaign. Regardless, not only are more lives going to be lost in an escalation … Continue reading Afghanistan Escalation

Honor Veterans with Peace

I am posting this message from a Green Party colleague in Arizona in honor of Veteran's Day which was sent to urge people to support the Green Party which is the only political party with a platform that promotes peace:The Green Party is the Peace Party, the one voice in the political array that doesn't … Continue reading Honor Veterans with Peace

4th Annual Imagine Peacefest

It's been 4 years since the First Imagine Peacefest. Check it out, this Saturday, September 19th, at noon:Schedule Outdoor Plaza (south side of library) Noon – Opening Ceremony Meditation for Peace, led by Falun Dafa of Utah Noon – 6pm:  Music and other entertainment in the amphitheater MUSIC FOR PEACE CONCERT Come hang your wish … Continue reading 4th Annual Imagine Peacefest