4th Annual Imagine Peacefest

It's been 4 years since the First Imagine Peacefest. Check it out, this Saturday, September 19th, at noon:Schedule Outdoor Plaza (south side of library) Noon – Opening Ceremony Meditation for Peace, led by Falun Dafa of Utah Noon – 6pm:  Music and other entertainment in the amphitheater MUSIC FOR PEACE CONCERT Come hang your wish … Continue reading 4th Annual Imagine Peacefest


Military Recruiting – California

Full adult privileges are not afforded to U.S. youth until age 21, yet youth in the U.S. are recruited for the military as early as middle school. Aside from the issue of marketing the military to ANYONE, there's something wrong with this picture of youth recruiting. Democracy Now! aired a segment yesterday on military recruiting … Continue reading Military Recruiting – California

Dee’s Interview on The New American Dream

I was interviewed awhile back by Mike Paleck"s New American Dream site and am the feature interview today.It will be up until Thursday a.m., then will be in the archives.Mike, who is an Iowa author of peace and justice issues,  visited Salt Lake City last April.  He has authored several books, one of which has … Continue reading Dee’s Interview on The New American Dream