Foreign Nuclear Waste: House members now being touted as “anti-American jobs”

Never mind the fact that nuclear waste poses a serious health threat to everyone and everything on our planet. If the U.S. does not accept the 20,000 tons of N-waste to Tennessee wtih 1600 of it coming to Utah, the entire economy will be undermined. So says Energy Solutions and its advocates in the U.S. … Continue reading Foreign Nuclear Waste: House members now being touted as “anti-American jobs”



YUCCA MOUNTAIN, SACRED TO THE SHOSHONE & MAJOR FAULT ZONE, IN IMMINENT DANGER! DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY MOVES PLANS FORWARD TO TURN YUCCA MOUNTAIN INTO NUCLEAR WASTE REPOSITORY. PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD DEADLINE JANUARY 10, 2008. Public hearings have not been well attended, statements mostly in favor of the plan to put all of the nuclear waste in the country in this one sacred place. Activists were told that if we do not go on record with a statement, we will have no legal recourse later on.  Local papers & media spin have recently stated that opposition to the nuke dump had dropped off since the passing of Corbin Harney. The nuclear reps are confident to the point of acting like it's a done deal.  LETS PROVE THEM WRONG! MAKE YOUR COMMENT NOW & TAKE ACTION!! Yucca Mountain is sacred to the Shoshone as an herb gathering site, for rituals, and as a part of their stories. Yucca Mountain is known in Shoshone language as Snake Mountain.  Indeed it looks like a snake. It is said that the snake was headed north when it froze where it is. Further more it is said that it will move again and "flip around". Geologists say that there are thirteen different fault lines running through it. Citizens  can make an oral statement at the scheduled public hearings or fill out a form and mail it in to EIS Office U.S. Department of  Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Mgmt, 1551 Hillshire dr.  Las Vegas, NV, 89195-7308 or by e-mail at   EIS_Office AT HERE ARE  TALKING POINTS:  "The eyes of the elders are on us.  The fate of the unborn is rolling toward the cliff, the voice of Corbin Harney is ringing in my ears, "It's on your shoulders now...".   Info from Bear Dyken. mdyken AT YUCCA MOUNTAIN FACT SHEET, TALKING POINTS, & MORE INFO: Healing Ourselves & Mother Earth The DOE  released two Draft Supplemental Environmen-tal Impact Statements related to repository changes andrail transportation of high-level waste in Nevada. Inyo County CA- Excellent   Draft Impacts Assessment Report Comments due by 1/18/08

Stop The Nuclear Bailout – – Musicans Take a Stand!

Do you live near a nuclear power plant? You may not today, but if the nuclear power industry has their way, a lot more of us could have those radioactive smokestacks as neighbors. Please join musicians Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt as well as a growing list of concerned citizens in signing a petition … Continue reading Stop The Nuclear Bailout – – Musicans Take a Stand!

PFS plant is dead – for now

I was glad to read that the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will not even entertain acknowledgment of the plan by Private Fuel Storage to build a high level nuclear waste plant in Utah.  PFS has been trying for years to get the go ahead to build a nuclear waste site in Utah.  Each obstacle, … Continue reading PFS plant is dead – for now

No Nuke Waste Facility Exansion: EnergySolutions concedes to HEAL!

Hot off the press from HEAL Utah: Today, at the eleventh hour, EnergySolutions conceded to HEAL Utah and backed out of our legal challenge of the company's expansion plans. Rather than face oral arguments before the Utah Supreme Court tomorrow, EnergySolutions has instead withdrawn its request to double in size. (This means there will be … Continue reading No Nuke Waste Facility Exansion: EnergySolutions concedes to HEAL!

Gov. lets EnergySolutions bill become law

Announcement from HEAL Utah: Tonight, Governor Huntsman let Senate Bill 155 become law. While pledging to prevent "backdoors" for more and hotter nuclear waste to be dumped in Utah, Gov. Huntsman instead let EnergySolutions and the Legislature push the door wide open while locking Utahns out. Using EnergySolutions' language to describe the bill as a … Continue reading Gov. lets EnergySolutions bill become law

Guv must veto nuke waste bill

The Governor of Utah has until midnight tonight to veto the nuclear waste bill that passed both the state senate and house. SB 155 would take the Legislature and governor out of disposal decisions by Energy Solutions on its own property. The Governor's office has been flooded with calls and emails urging him to veto … Continue reading Guv must veto nuke waste bill

Energy Pollutions Bill Passes

Sadly, the Utah Senate has passed SB155, which will take away legislative oversight of nuclear waste coming into our state. This gives Energy Pollutions Solutions one more step towards total autonomy over this issue.Speaking for EnergySolutions and its operations plans, Sen. Darin Peterson, R-Nephi, said, "Every time they have tried to change, they have been … Continue reading Energy Pollutions Bill Passes

I Wish the Salt Lake Tribune Would Get it Straight

After all these years I still can't believe the Utah media can't get it right. I'm referring to this article in today's Salt Lake Tribune: Goshutes, PFS press their battle for a nuke dump The article makes it look like the entire Goshute Tribe wants PFS on their reservation. Nothing could be further from the … Continue reading I Wish the Salt Lake Tribune Would Get it Straight

Raise a red flag on EnergySolutions

EnergyPollutions and supporters are up to no good.  This came in from HEAL Utah:Yesterday, the Utah Senate Natural Resources Committee voted to remove the oversight of all publicly elected officials from nuclear waste expansions at EnergySolutions.  Senate Bill 155 (Waste Amendments), sponsored by Sen. Peterson (R-Nephi), prevents all future Governors, Legislatures, and Tooele County commissioners from ever stopping any expansion at EnergySolutions' … Continue reading Raise a red flag on EnergySolutions