Today’s protest and vigil

  Join The Impact Demonstration/March for Equality! I will be attending the rally at the City County Building in downtown Salt Lake Today.  There is also a vigil tonight (see below) that looks like it will be quite inspiring. Posted on the Utah PRIDE website: Join the Impact is planning rallies at City Halls across … Continue reading Today’s protest and vigil


Equality Utah takes LDS Church at its word

Primary Contacts:                                                                For Immediate Release     Mike Thompson, Executive Director                                              Monday, November 10, 2008 Cell: 801.879.8880   Stephanie Pappas, Board Chair Cell:  801.450.0660   Other Contacts: Senator Scott McCoy - Cell: 801.809.3566 Representative Christine Johnson - Cell:  801.661.3489 Equality Utah announces Press Conference for Noon Monday  Equality Utah will ask the LDS … Continue reading Equality Utah takes LDS Church at its word

The Mormon Church on “moral” issues

I find it interesting that the Mormon Church went to great lengths to not only openly support the passage of Proposition 8, but financed an advertising campaign urging voters to support it which included messages to voters, believe it or not, such as if gay marriage is permitted, kindergärtners are likely to be educated on gay … Continue reading The Mormon Church on “moral” issues