Immigration Bills bring a lot of attention

A hot issue....again.....this year:  Immigration.   Today the "Don't Let Utah Become Arizona!" rally was held on the steps of Utah's State Capitol building.  Created by a group on facebook called "No SB 1070 in Utah!" the rally was held  in coordination with United for Social Justice ( on the first day of Utah's legislative … Continue reading Immigration Bills bring a lot of attention


A People Divided

Back in November the Deseret News published the Official text of Utah Compact declaration on immigration reform, a declaration of five principles that was endorsed by many community members, including the LDS church, to “guide Utah’s immigration discussion.” Then I was reading yesterday’s Salt Tribune article on the growing Momentum building for Utah immigration reform.   … Continue reading A People Divided

Still We Rise

The last day of the Utah Legislature for 2010 saw a rally by students called “Still We Rise”, a group of activists, students and community members which unveiled  a “Student Bill of Rights.” (Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune)Rally Statement:“We the Communities take back the power to declare our inalienable rights that have been … Continue reading Still We Rise

SB44: Health care for “legal” immigrant children garners approval

Utah Senators gave their nod of approval yesterday for  SB44 Health Amendements for Legal Immigrant Children.  The bill would lift a 5 year waiting period for immigrant families to obtain health care for their children. What is puzzling is the sentiment by adults towards children and tax paying workers. Today’s Deseret News: “These kids are … Continue reading SB44: Health care for “legal” immigrant children garners approval

Immigration Reform – Repairing a Broken System

There are a number of immigration bills that have been signed into law in the past and new bills this year addressing immigration issues in Utah. Mark Alvarez, Utah  Attorney, had a piece published in the Salt Lake Tribune in which he says, In 2000, George W. Bush said, “Immigration is not a problem to … Continue reading Immigration Reform – Repairing a Broken System

Rally Numbers

I have been speculating on what brings people out to rallies - more escalated thinking spurred by yesterday's rally on immigration. I have pondered why it is that tens of thousands appear for some rallies and mere hundreds for others - like anti-war rallies (with exceptions, of course where several thousand have been counted). After … Continue reading Rally Numbers