Immigration Reform Rally

I stopped by the Immigration Reform Rally yesterday at the City County Building in downtown Salt Lake.  Here are photos and links to news articles.Utah couple deported:  Son Jose is fighting to stay in Salt Lake for colon cancer treatments Immigration rights spurs walkout by Salt Lake-area students Nearly 1,000 people rally in downtown Salt … Continue reading Immigration Reform Rally


Agents decide who are illegal immigrants (raid in Utah) by skin color

In Utah, DHS Raids Raise Concerns By Justin Rood - December 13, 2006, 1:16 PM A troubling report from the DHS immigration raids yesterday, from the Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune. In this case, DHS agents allegedly separated workers by their skin color -- light-skinned were considered citizens, dark-skinned got scrutiny. Predicatably, they swept up at … Continue reading Agents decide who are illegal immigrants (raid in Utah) by skin color

It’s the Rich Entrepeneurs, Stupid

All across the U.S., including here in Utah, thousands of arrests of immigrants have been made this week in a Homeland Security Secretary "Operation Wagon Train". While poor working people have been carted off, leaving their small children and other family members frightened and alone, the rich owners of the companies that employed the immigrants, … Continue reading It’s the Rich Entrepeneurs, Stupid

Don’t Fence Us In…….Or Out

The House of Representatives has approved three measures to "control" the illegal immigrnat issue. One of those measures includes building a 700 mile border fence. All three of Utah's representatives voted in approval of the Illegal Immigrant Deterrence and Public Safety Act and the Effective Immigration Enforcement and Community Protection Act. Some of the bills' … Continue reading Don’t Fence Us In…….Or Out

Independence Day – Being an American

As I see the increasing incidences of flag displays and fireworks sales as Independence Day approaches, I cannot help but wonder of people acutally really know what the significance of July 4 is. Ruben Navarrette has had a piece published in today's Salt Lake Tribune from SignOn San Diego, entitled Being an American by a … Continue reading Independence Day – Being an American

Immigration Laws Affect Local Family

Today's Salt Lake Tribune has published an article on a local Ogden family whose father was deported and is not permitted to return for 20 years. Humberto "Bert" Fernandez-Vargas came to the U.S. in 1969, ultimately started a trucking business, married and raised a son, and paid his taxes. He was deported in 2004 due … Continue reading Immigration Laws Affect Local Family

Caravan to Cuba

The Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba will be in Salt Lake this Saturday. The Desert Greens Green Party Candidates have endorsed the event. I have a quote in the press release that was issued today. The Green Party of the United States published our press release on its home page under "local news". Yesterday … Continue reading Caravan to Cuba

“Life on the Divide” – The Wall

Today's Salt Lake Tribune has an article and photo gallery called Life on the Divide. One employee in a store on the border stated that folks are calling the border fence as the new "Berlin Wall" and that many see the scenario now as more dangerous than pre-border fence days. Daniel Beltran, a 30-year-old Mexican … Continue reading “Life on the Divide” – The Wall