World Peace Day on the Winter Solstice

World Peace Day on The Winter Solstice World Peace Day occurs on the Winter Solstice each year. This year it will fall on Thursday, December 21st. Don Orne, the Coordinator of World Peace Day since 1994, invites everyone to celebrate the Winter Solstice with prayer and meditation in his or her own way so that … Continue reading World Peace Day on the Winter Solstice


Holiday Reading

This list was forwarded to me by a fellow Green who had received it from a colleague of hers.  He said he would add to this listThe Seventh Decade, The New Shape of Nuclear Danger which reveals the most inconvenient truth about the present status of nuclear weapons on planet earth.  This tragedy grows, like … Continue reading Holiday Reading

Green Giving at the Holidays

Here are some ideas that I obtained from the Green Guide for Giving Green this Season. Also, check out my Café à la Green:GiftIdeas for more alternative gift giving ideas.DIY Christmas OrnamentsSeason's Greenings - Fair Trade ornaments, organic bouquets, cards, pesticide-free trees & moreBask in the Efficient Glow of an LED HolidayToys - Lead-free toys … Continue reading Green Giving at the Holidays


I may not be posting as much this week as I will be traveling to visit family and my newborn grandson! (Be sure to check out my Progressive Grandparents Journal.) Happy christmaramadakwaanzakuhstice to the everyone in the blogosphere!