War and Peace: Militarizing Our Youth

Today is another Blog Action Day over at Green Change.  The theme for today is War and Peace.  This is a timely connection to the 7th anniversary of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq by Coalition Forces and the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   I have chosen to focus my war and peace … Continue reading War and Peace: Militarizing Our Youth

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day!Here is an article on how IWD started:  The First International Women's DayReuters has a "follow the sun" live blog that is  following events and news for IWD.Read the Green Party's Platform (currently under revision) on Social Justice which includes Women's Rights.

The Status of Electoral Reform in Utah

Today is Green Blog Action Day over at Green Change.  The topic for today is electoral reform, which is addressed  in the Green Party's platform.   It will be interesting to read from bloggers on Green Change from all over the country on the topic of electoral reform.   My contribution to the Green Blog Action … Continue reading The Status of Electoral Reform in Utah

Honor Veterans with Peace

I am posting this message from a Green Party colleague in Arizona in honor of Veteran's Day which was sent to urge people to support the Green Party which is the only political party with a platform that promotes peace:The Green Party is the Peace Party, the one voice in the political array that doesn't … Continue reading Honor Veterans with Peace

Green Party Annual National Meeting

This year's Green Party Annual National Meeting is being held in Durham, North Carolina July 23-26.For the first time ever, there will be live stream from the meeting.  To access it, just click:Green Party stream National Meeting Activities will include a panel on Single Payer Health Care, screening of a film on mountain top removal, … Continue reading Green Party Annual National Meeting

Cynthia McKinney finally reaches Gaza

Cynthia McKinney finally made it to Gaza, leaving just  day from the U.S. after she got back from being deported from Israel after being arrested.  She had been attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza when the ship she was on was seized and its members arrested by Israeli military.Here is the … Continue reading Cynthia McKinney finally reaches Gaza

Health care reform roundtable didn’t include Single Payer Health Care

Kevin Zeese, an attorney from Maryland, not only spoke out for single payer health care reform yesterday, but was arrested for doing so. Zeese was among the 8 doctors and attorneys arrested at yesterday's Senate Finance Committee "roundtable" on Healthcare Reform in the U.S. Zeese has written an article about the event at OpEd News. … Continue reading Health care reform roundtable didn’t include Single Payer Health Care