And So It Begins….

....the shopping season. YIKES!!! Tomorrow will be the 2nd annual Buy Nothing Day Coat Exchange at Library Plaza in downtown Salt Lake. Black Friday is what the day after Thanksgiving is called. I am putting out the call to all readers and their families and friends to consider doing something different on this day. Something … Continue reading And So It Begins….


Another Way to Give This Winter

From HEAL Utah: Every winter, HEAL Utah works to raise money to help cover the costs of heating fuel for those Goshutes who were on the frontlines of the fight to keep Private Fuel Storage from turning Skull Valley into a high-level nuclear waste dump. Our efforts are a drop in the bucket compared to … Continue reading Another Way to Give This Winter

This Holiday: Buy Local, Be Creative

Just a reminder to be creative when doing your holiday shopping. Before you buy the latest toy or clothing item, consider alternatives. Visit my gift giving page at Café à la Green: Gift Ideas. Just yesterday I ordered three beaded necklaces from my friend who does really beautiful work with genuine stones and gems. She … Continue reading This Holiday: Buy Local, Be Creative

Holiday Gift Giving – Vegan Gift Basket

What could be a more perfect gift for your favorite vegetarian or vegan than a vegan gift basket? The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating, a supporter of Vegetarian Resource Group, offers 4 terrific gift baskets: organic, small, large, and body care. And all products in the gift baskets are vegan! By ordering a gift … Continue reading Holiday Gift Giving – Vegan Gift Basket

Holiday Gift Giving: A “Green” Christmas Guide

Eco Street has put out A Green Christmas Guide. I'll be adding this to my Gift Giving Guide, along with other updated items I discover. Here are items in this guide: Christmas Survival Kit and Advent Calendar Making your own Christmas wreaths, garlands and other decorations from recyclables Christmas Tree alternatives Gifts made from reducing, … Continue reading Holiday Gift Giving: A “Green” Christmas Guide