To District 10 West Jordan Voters: Defeat Butt-arse

Today's Deseret News has a piece on the Utah Senate race in West Jordan in which incumbent Butt-arse (my pet name for Chris Buttars)  is fighting to retain.  According to the article, A Dan Jones poll reveals that the race is statistically a tie.Butt-arse has demonstrated, through his words and actions over the years, that … Continue reading To District 10 West Jordan Voters: Defeat Butt-arse

Proposition 8 – View from a Utah Mormon

This is published by permission from an acquaintance of mine who is LDS. Proposition 8 deeply troubles me and what Californian, Idahoan, and single adult Latter-day Saints are being asked to do about it deeply offends my religious beliefs as a Latter-day Saint. What I feel about gay marriage is a big part of that … Continue reading Proposition 8 – View from a Utah Mormon

Utah’s Mutual Commitment Registry

Utah has a 6 month old mutual commitment registry, which, if taken advantage of, should permit non-married couples (including same sex partnerships) the opportunities afforded of married couples. I've pasted a description of the registry at the end of this post. Today's Salt Lake Tribune's article on the registry highlights a gay couple and their … Continue reading Utah’s Mutual Commitment Registry

Save Me From My Senator – Boot Buttars From Office!

A new site has popped up in the Blogosphere: Save Me From My Senator - Chris Buttars Scares Me. It was started as a result of dire frustration by a constituent of his. It’s chock full of really useful information, including 101 Reasons to Get Rid of Chris Buttars, Tools for Citizens to use in … Continue reading Save Me From My Senator – Boot Buttars From Office!

Student Club Bill Passes

From Equality Utah In a vote of 41 to 29, with 5 Representatives absent, the House of Representatives voted to accept the Senate’s 4th Substitute of HB 236, Student Clubs Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Tilton and Sen. Buttars. 38 votes were needed for the 4th Substitute to be adopted. Senator Buttars and Representative Tilton have … Continue reading Student Club Bill Passes

Transgender Awareness

I am surprised and pleased to see these articles in this week's local news on Transgender inviduals in Utah here and here. The articles chronicle the live of transgender citizens and provide awareness of transgender issues. November is Transgender Awareness month and the articles give a timeline of events: There are several scheduled events in … Continue reading Transgender Awareness