Food Sales Tax Saga: Continued

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch) Who benefits from food sales tax breaks? Why, everyone of course. Food is a basic human right, whether you are rich or poor. Everyone must had food and must have it accessible. But there are legislators who feel that the food sales tax break was too much of a benefit … Continue reading Food Sales Tax Saga: Continued


Robbing from the poor to make the poor poorer

The Deseret News reported today that two Utah Senators are pushing for a restoration of the 6+% (from the current 1.75%)  sales tax on unprepared food. Senate budget chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, and Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, president of the Utah Taxpayers Association, in separate statements said it was a mistake when Utah legislators bowed to … Continue reading Robbing from the poor to make the poor poorer

Speaking of locally grown food….

....when we arrived home from our vacation yesterday, we were pleased to see our gardens doing well. Here are the gardens with irrigation water in them:Before we left I had harvested a number of herbs (basil, oregano, sage and horehound) and dried most of the harvest plus made a couple of batches of basil pesto. … Continue reading Speaking of locally grown food….

The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel

Aside from the devastating effects to residents in the midwest from the recent weather causing floods there, crops will be significantly effected this year.On the heels of a year long rise in corn prices due to the rising cost of crude oil, Corn is now at an all time high and other crops, such as … Continue reading The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel

The People’s Market

I was really impressed with the organizations doing outreach yesterday a the Step It Up! event. One that really intrigued me was The People's Market, an alternative to the annual Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake City. I have usually never attended or pursued being part of the already established market for various reasons.  One … Continue reading The People’s Market

TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge: Time to Vote

TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge: Time to VoteIt is time to vote for your favorite entry in TreeHugger's 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge. Go here to check out each of the five finalist's recipes and then vote below for the one that is the most creative, tasty and/or appealing. The reader-voted winner will recieve a year's worth of … Continue reading TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge: Time to Vote

More on Thanksgiving – Building Community

Every student in my school is required to serve on one of the 11 committees that contributes to the school community in some way. I am the advisor of my school's Social Committee. Our committee plans activities to promote a sense of community by bringing everyone together for fun activities such as dances, chocolate parties, … Continue reading More on Thanksgiving – Building Community

Where does our food come from?

As the traditional U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaches, there are numerous articles and posts about food. I was pleasantly surprised today to see this headline in the Salt Lake Tribune: From farm to feast: How Healthful is your meal? The article delves into the different food movements and changing mindsets of consumers. A growing number of … Continue reading Where does our food come from?