Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Utah Senator Chris Buttars, originator of legislation last session that would require schools to incorporate "Intelligent Design" theory alongside evolution in classrooms, says that evolution challenges are not going away/a> and that he won't carry another origins of life bill but that something else could be in the works. "Yes, it's coming, but it's not … Continue reading Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Evolution Study Missing from Biology Curriculum

US Department of Education 'overlooks' evolution Evolutionary biology is mysteriously missing from the list of undergraduate subjects eligible for a US federal grant. The department of education claims the omission is simply a mistake and insists that US students taking evolutionary biology majors are eligible for the grants. However, the incident has left pro-evolution campaigners … Continue reading Evolution Study Missing from Biology Curriculum

Buttars At It Again

In today's SL Tribune: Buttars' crusade stirs the pot again Pending bills: Church and state, judges' terms are the focus this time The conservative West Jordan Republican has asked state attorneys to draft a bill defining the separation of church and state outlined by America's and the state's founding documents. At the same time, he … Continue reading Buttars At It Again

Death of the Evolution Bill

The "Origins of Life" Bill introduced by Rep. Chris Buttars failed to survive in the Utah House. The bill would have required the State Board of Education to establish curriculum requirements stressing that the scientific theory about the origin of species and evolution is not empirically proven. "Nobody can empirically prove or disprove the theory, … Continue reading Death of the Evolution Bill

This Week’s Radio Program Selections-Rocky takes legislators to task

There are a couple of radio programs I thought I'd post about from the past week. First is the ("Rocky Day")February 7th Midday Metro from a Salt Lake public radio station, KCPW. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson was this day's host (my husband, Tom King, called in and talked to him). The program's topic … Continue reading This Week’s Radio Program Selections-Rocky takes legislators to task