The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel

Aside from the devastating effects to residents in the midwest from the recent weather causing floods there, crops will be significantly effected this year.On the heels of a year long rise in corn prices due to the rising cost of crude oil, Corn is now at an all time high and other crops, such as … Continue reading The weather crisis in the midwest: effects on crops and fuel


Green Party Speakers Bureau

Yesterday I received a call from the Green Party of the United States Media Team which issued an invitation to me to be on the GPUS Speakers Bureau.  I was interviewed on tape last year by the national media team at the GPUS Annual National Meeting in Tucson, AZ.  I also was a speaker at … Continue reading Green Party Speakers Bureau

More on Gift Giving

Jen's Green Journal has an excellent list and review of places to obtain socially responsible, environmentally friendly gifts for the holidays and other occasions. I have had her link on my Green Cafe Gift Giving Ideas page, but I wanted to highlight Jenni's in a separate post here. Jenni offers personal reviews of items she … Continue reading More on Gift Giving

Buy Nothing Day in Rhode Island

Greg Gerritt, a GPUS delegate from Rhode Island, sent out this article on the Buy Nothing Day event there. I had a lengthy conversation about the project with him this afteroon. It's way cool, a great networking tool and benefits the community. This project has been going on Buy Nothing Day since 1997. It's got … Continue reading Buy Nothing Day in Rhode Island

The Big Picture: Holiday Madness, Tax Cuts and Budget Surpluses

The "madness" is the priorities. The Associated Press has published someFacts and Figures on Holiday Spending: On average: U.S. households are expected to spend an average of $466 on gifts during the holiday season, down from last year's estimate of $476. Big Spenders: Households whose incomes top $50,000 intend to spend $657 for holidaygifts. Shutterbugs: … Continue reading The Big Picture: Holiday Madness, Tax Cuts and Budget Surpluses

Buy Nothing Day Action

See more photos at Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs. About 10 people participated in singing anti-consumerism carols at a local shopping center. and about half a dozen animal rights activists engage in some clever protesting against retailers of fur clothing. At one point there were activists on all corners of the interesection, including a man … Continue reading Buy Nothing Day Action

More on the Holiday Hoop-La

Earlier I wrote on Holidays, Consumerism and Stress. As we head into the frenzy of the season, consider the following: Americans spend APPROX. $1,042 on holiday gifts (Annual per capita income of a Vietnamese citizen: $280) Average number of months it takes a credit-card user to pay off holiday bills: 4 (57% of consumers plan … Continue reading More on the Holiday Hoop-La