Election Integrity to be Strengthened with SB53

Voters are likely to see improvements in the current system of challenging voter eligibility with SB53 Voter challenge Revisions, now awaiting the Governor’s signature. The ACLU of Utah has posted the status of the bill on its website : SB 53 “Voter Challenge Revisions,” is a culmination of several years of work by Utah County … Continue reading Election Integrity to be Strengthened with SB53

The voting i.d. debacle

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)While the U.S. Supreme Court has now made it official that corporations are persons and have the same rights as individuals, including running for elections and voting (see Murray Hill, Inc. running for Congress), it appears the voting rights of “real” individuals are at stake – especially of opponents to the … Continue reading The voting i.d. debacle

Candidates Financial Disclosures

Today's Deseret News has a piece on Candidates Spending. Sometimes candidates do unusual things with the hard-earned donations that they often say are needed desperately to get out their message. That includes paying for the candidate's cable TV at home. Or for hiring the candidate's relatives. Or paying to fix the candidate's car. Or buying … Continue reading Candidates Financial Disclosures

League of Women Voters Questionnaire

I just completed the 2006 League of Women Voters Online Candidate Questionnaire. Here are the questions and my answers (I kept my answers as brief as possible): Candidate Background Information: Occupation: Public School Teacher/Administrator Education: B.A. Music Education M.S. Curriculum and Instruction Teaching certificates in music and special education Education: Prior Experience: Member of the … Continue reading League of Women Voters Questionnaire

It’s Official: Desert Green Slate of Candidates…..and the surprise

Earlier today I wrote about my experience filing for office and promised an update and a surprise. Here is the update for the Desert Greens 2006 slate of candidates: Julian Hatch filed today for U.S. Senate. Running in that race are also Pete Ashdown (D), Scott N. Bradley (Constitution), Orrin G. Hatch (R), Brian E. … Continue reading It’s Official: Desert Green Slate of Candidates…..and the surprise

Politics Handbook

2007 Utah Legislature 2006 Campaign,Elections,&Legislature Political Resources National Government The White House United States Senate U.S. House State of Utah Sites Utah Government Governor's Office Lt.Governor's Office Utah Legislature Legislature Bill Finder/Legislature Tracking Utah Senate Utah House of Representatives Utah U.S. Representatives: Rep. Chris Cannon Rep. Rob Bishop Rep. Jim Matheson Sen. Robert Bennett Sen. … Continue reading Politics Handbook