50 years of life – part 2 addendum

Of course I can't mention California state parks without a political side.....Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed massive state park closures as part of his proposed budget, in an effort to "save" hundreds of millions of dollars.  AND he has rejected state Democrats' proposal to add $15.00 to the state park fees for visitors.News … Continue reading 50 years of life – part 2 addendum


The People’s Bribe

Today I attended a very creative protest at the Utah Capitol: The People's Bribe. People came with dollar bills and pockets full of change to challenge Utah Legislators to show more interest in the people and less interest to business. The protest was organized by the group Nuclear ReACTION, which is seeking more creative ways … Continue reading The People’s Bribe

Rosa Clemente – Subprime mortgage crisis and the Left

Rosa Clemente, Green Party Vice Presidential Candiate Shared sacrifice with those who caused the economic crisis How her family has been effected by the subprime mortgage crisis Green Party strategy post Obamamania Green Party fighting election theft Defending non Greens on various issues Who's really progressive? http://votetruth08.com - http://www.rosaclemente.com Shot by Craig Seeman Patrick Dwyer … Continue reading Rosa Clemente – Subprime mortgage crisis and the Left

The Sugarhouse Debacle

It's been well over a year since Sugarhouse merchants were forced to move from their locations so that a rich developer could level the building and erect a newer high rise structure. Well, the building was leveled (nearly a year ago), but nothing else has happened. Today's Deseret news reports that developer Craig Mecham has … Continue reading The Sugarhouse Debacle

My “souvenir” – a Euro

I usually don't get many souvenirs when I'm traveling unless it is to purchase something that directly benefits an organization with a cause I support. But yesterday while we were waiting for our connecting flight in Phoenix on our way back to Utah from our Maryland vacation, we walked into the International terminal and stumbled … Continue reading My “souvenir” – a Euro

Holiday Reading

This list was forwarded to me by a fellow Green who had received it from a colleague of hers.  He said he would add to this listThe Seventh Decade, The New Shape of Nuclear Danger which reveals the most inconvenient truth about the present status of nuclear weapons on planet earth.  This tragedy grows, like … Continue reading Holiday Reading