Earthquake in Utah

I felt the effects of an earthquake this morning and am quoted in this article: Quake hits NE Nevada, has buildings swaying in downtown Salt Lake City By Bob Mims and Erin Alberty The Salt Lake Tribune Article Last Updated: 02/21/2008 08:50:06 AM MST Updated: 8:49 AM- A northeastern Nevada earthquake of 6.0 magnitude shook … Continue reading Earthquake in Utah

It *was* an earthquake

Last night Tom, my son and I were sitting in our house when all of a sudden  we heard - and felt - a large boom.  We wondered if it was an earthquake.It was.In today's news:"Boom" is Attributed to EarthquakeMild quake hits south Salt Lake ValleyViewers Report Earthquake In Salt Lake CountyMagnitude 2.3 - WASATCH … Continue reading It *was* an earthquake