Earth Day Turns 40

Happy Earth Day to Everyone.  Earth Day is Every Day.  Let's take today to reflect and take action in our personal lives and beyond to protect our planet and its life for now and future generations.I pledge allegiance To all life In its interdependent diversity. And to the planet Upon which it exists One world, … Continue reading Earth Day Turns 40


Earth Jam 2007

The weather was overcast, showery, and the day became increasingly colder, but it was still a great Earth Day in Salt Lake City. We had fun operating the Kiddie Village. Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs performed too! (See video of performance) Links to news articles: Hands up high for the globe - Earth Jam praises … Continue reading Earth Jam 2007

Earth Day Numbers

Earth Day Reality Check177 billionNumber of dollars U.S. consumers saved in 2005 because of improvements in automobile efficiencysince 197313.1 billionNumber of gallons of gasoline saved if every American converted to one of the four most efficient carsin each class8 billionNumber of dollars U.S. consumers lose daily because of idle electronic functions such as lit displayclocks, … Continue reading Earth Day Numbers