Remembering Corbin Harney

The day I arrived in Reading, Pennsylvania, July 11, I received an email that Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, had passed.  He had been dealing with the effects of cancer.  I feel blessed to have been associated with Corbin and able to participate in many events where he was present, inlcuding actions at the … Continue reading Remembering Corbin Harney

Experts now admit the potential devastating danger of Divine Strake

Thank goodness we got it stopped.  The people do have the power.  Sometimes Davey wins.------------------------------Friday, June 29, 2007 Experts: Divine Strake 'Mushroom Cloud' Could Have Sickened Many By KEN RITTER Associated Press Writer June 28th, 2007 LAS VEGAS (AP) - A non-nuclear explosive test planned by the government could have spread  lethal radioactive particles across … Continue reading Experts now admit the potential devastating danger of Divine Strake

Desert Greens in the Media

The Desert Greens Green Party of Utah got some media attention today, in repsonse to Desert Greens, Green Party of Utah Celebrate Cancellation of Divine Strake Test and The Desert Greens, Green Party of Utah applauds Governor Huntsman’s efforts to support both Utah farmers and the development of renewable energy in Utah: Red-letter week buoys … Continue reading Desert Greens in the Media


While I always remain skeptical of sudden government announcements, I am overjoyed to hear this: Cancellation of Proposed Divine Strake Experiment The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has decided to cancel the proposed Divine Strake experiment. “I have become convinced that it’s time to look at alternative methods that obviate the need for this type … Continue reading DIVINE STRAKE IS CANCELLED

Utah’s ABC Channel 4’s bravery in confronting the government on Divine Strake

BE SURE TO WATCH THIS STUNNING VIDEO and account of delivery of email comments that overloaded the government's computers so channel 4 decided to deliver them. Watch and listen to the resistance they confronted and the statement by channel 4. Channel 4, KUDOS!! Re: Divine Strake THIS IS PERHAPS THE GUTSIEST, MOST DARING, BRAVE THING … Continue reading Utah’s ABC Channel 4’s bravery in confronting the government on Divine Strake

Divine Strake Hearing Comments

Excerpts: Listen to the entire hearing Written Text: Eileen McCabe, sister radical cheerleader Sound files: Pete Ashdown,2006 U.S. Senate Candidate Cindy Bur, local activist Shea Pickelner, sister radical cheerleader Rupert Steele, Goshute Tribe **CANCEL** THE DIVINE STRAKE! STOP WEAPONS TESTING ON WESTERN SHOSHONE LAND! END NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION!

Divine Strake Test Hearing

Tonight is the Governor of Utah's Public Hearing on the Divine Strake Test: Utah State Capitol, West Building, Room 135 (Main Floor, NW) 450 N. State Street, 5:30 – 8:30 PM The Divine Strake experiment is proposed by the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Nevada Site Office (NNSA/NSO) and outlined in their “Draft December 2006 Revised … Continue reading Divine Strake Test Hearing

Divine Strake “public meetings”

Last night was the Salt Lake session sponsored by the feds on the Divine Strake Test at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. I stood outside with a few others with protest signs and handed out literature. As soon as we arrived we were approached by hotel security and told we couldn't be … Continue reading Divine Strake “public meetings”

Stop the Divine Strake Hearings

Next week there will be National Nuclear Security Agency and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency "public hearings" on the Divine Strake Test in Nevada and Utah (schedule below) - only they aren't really "hearings" but, rather, "poster shows". While written comments will be accepted, the public will not be permitted to make public comment at … Continue reading Stop the Divine Strake Hearings