Teaching respect for diversity

Public school teachers are very sensitive at this time of year when there is a lot of "celebrating" going on. The "merry christmas" wish is not necessarily appropriate to all children. As a teacher in a First Amendment School, City Academy in Salt Lake City, I incorporate the teaching of rights and responsibilities into everything … Continue reading Teaching respect for diversity


Madame President

There is a lot of discussion on the national lists about Greens who have published books. Green Party Member Mark Dunlea of New York has written the book Madame President: The Unauthorized Biography of the First Green Party President. Here is a brief summary: The book outlines key social, environmental and economic justice issues. It … Continue reading Madame President

Green Reads

Now that Chlorophyll is back up (yay!), I'd like to revive a thread that was started on there about Green Reads. I think it is an excellent idea to start a list of books that align with the Green Ten Key Values. So look for my list as I accumulate ideas from folks. It will … Continue reading Green Reads

Green Reads

Here is a list of books and other publications that align themselves with Green Values. Most recommendations came from Chlorophyll where you can find semi-reviews. Green Reads Green Values: Grassroots Democracy~Social Justice~Ecological Wisdom~Non-violence~Decentralization Community-based Economics~Feminism~Diversity~Responsibility~Future Focus Walden by Henry David Thoreau Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Matter by E. F. Schumacher Diet for … Continue reading Green Reads