Paving Paradise

The Salt Lake City Council, sadly, unanimously voted in favor of beginning work on the multi-million dollar sports complex in Salt Lake City along the last undeveloped stretch of land on the Jordan River, despite testimony from scores of citizens against the location that will affect the riparian habitat in the parcel of land.Here are … Continue reading Paving Paradise


Single Payer Healthcare

HR676 call your congresspeople, sign Bernie Sanders' petition on the legislation for Single Payer Health care.There is also a blog called Single Payer Action for more information and up to date news on this very crucial issue.The Green Party's platform also advocates for Single Payer Health Insurance.It's time we the people took better action on … Continue reading Single Payer Healthcare

Collecting stories of the impacts on families of the incarcerated – please contribute

I am collecting stories and thoughts using the questions below as prompts. I plan to publish online the informal findings and anecdotal information and will not use names. This project is unfortunately inspired by personal, eye-opening, experience into the U.S. criminal justice system. If you would like to participate, please forward your answers, stories, trials … Continue reading Collecting stories of the impacts on families of the incarcerated – please contribute

Corporate Snitch Notifier

I discovered this neat little feature about Mozilla Firefox:CSNotifier - The CorporateSnitch Notifier CSNotifier - The Consumer has the Right to Know Would you purchase that computer manufactured by a company that has profited from the War in Iraq? Perhaps you would think twice about spending your hard-earned cash on shampoo if you knew that … Continue reading Corporate Snitch Notifier

Air America Advertisers Being Told to Withdraw Commercials

ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklistAn internal ABC Radio Networks memo obtained by Media Matters for America, originally from a listener to The Peter B. Collins Show, indicates that nearly 100 ABC advertisers insist that their commercials be blacked out on Air America Radio affiliates. According to the memo, the advertisers insist that "NONE … Continue reading Air America Advertisers Being Told to Withdraw Commercials