National Security over all other securities: Get ready Utah.

Utah legislators have made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Federal Government from dictating the affairs of the state.That is, except for spying on people.Utah is about to be descended upon by the National Security Administration (NSA).The Army has awarded a $1.2 billion contract to a construction consortium to … Continue reading National Security over all other securities: Get ready Utah.



RNC8"We have been humbled by such an immense initial show of solidarity and are inspired to turn our attention back to the very issues that motivated us to organize against the RNC in the first place. What’s happening to us is part of a much broader and very serious problem. The fact is that we … Continue reading FREE THE RNC 8!!!

Here it comes…….More Media Monitoring

The Pentagon is accepting bids for a $20 million contract to "monitor" the media for tonality in its coverage of Iraq. The Pentagon's position is that this is "necessary" in the war on terrorism. Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media Friday September 1, 2006 1:16 AM AP Photo USGF101 MATTHEW PERRONE AP Business Writer WASHINGTON (AP) … Continue reading Here it comes…….More Media Monitoring

Warrantless Wiretapping

Earlier this week, Green Jenni posted an article on the Bush Administrations tactic of pushing fear on American Citizens. Today a newsletter from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) came to me, called "Dissent is Patriotic". In it was this piece: Warrantless Wiretapping and the Alleged London Plot "If you like the Patriot Act, … Continue reading Warrantless Wiretapping

Your Papers, Please – Experimenting in Utah

Yesterday in local radio news it was announced repeatedly throughout the day that police in Salt Lake would be stopping every motorist between certain streets from 10pm to 3am last night. This was a court-approved stop and search and it was publicized that each driver would be asked for their ID and that police would … Continue reading Your Papers, Please – Experimenting in Utah