Vouchers, continued – paper subtly gives its position

Today's Deseret News has published a piece on how Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is going to vote on vouchers.  Now why in the world would the paper publish this?  It wouldn't' have anything at all to do with the Newspaper Agency Corporation owners' position on the issue, now would it?VOTE NO ON SCHOOL VOUCHERS

Utah Voters: Vote NO on school voucher bill

Speaking of tax cuts, conservative groups in Utah are urging voters to support a school voucher bill in this year's elections - a bill that would benefit mostly the wealthy who want to use public monies for private schools.  Excerpts from an article on today's Deseret News:Taxpayers Association backs vouchersUtah residents can avoid huge property … Continue reading Utah Voters: Vote NO on school voucher bill

The School Voucher Saga

Today I received the announcement below about a pro-school voucher rally called, "Stand Up for  Utah Kids:  School Choice Rally".  I'm not sure how I got on this list, nonetheless I am and got the announcement.  The state legislators passed a measure this year that would allow parents to obtain vouchers for private schools if … Continue reading The School Voucher Saga