Vouchers Voted Down – So Now What?

Yesterday's local news reported that those for and against school vouchers will work towards improving our public schools: After 38 percent backed vouchers, fans and foes vow to work for change "There are 150,000 Utahns out there saying, 'We need to change our education system,' " voucher backer Doug Holmes said. Rep. Sheryl Allen, R-Bountiful, … Continue reading Vouchers Voted Down – So Now What?

Jordan School District to be Split – Voters Decide

Being dubbed "a new era":Voters choose a split-up for Jordan District- The east-side district will give its parents more oversight over kidsThis is another positive outcome in this year's elections, in my opinion, for public education.  I know there are concerns about disparity between geographic "sides", however there has always been that disparity and I … Continue reading Jordan School District to be Split – Voters Decide

Yesterday’s Vote on Vouchers

Needless to say the entire nation was watching Utah yesterday on the voucher issue which, if passed, would have set a precedent for other states.I'm happy to report that, not surprisingly, Utah's voters voted AGAINST vouchers for education. "Tonight, with the eyes of the nation upon us, Utah has rejected this flawed voucher law," said … Continue reading Yesterday’s Vote on Vouchers

Comments from a teacher on school vouchers

I am on a discusson list of citizens who discuss local issues.  One member wrote this in about school vouchers:I've been flooded with claims about how vouchers will help or hurt education in Utah. Something that happened in my own classroom a couple of weeks ago brought the dialogue into focus for me... The parents … Continue reading Comments from a teacher on school vouchers

Vote NO on School Vouchers

VOTE NO ON SCHOOL VOUCHERS Recent local news on school vouchers in Utah: Some Latino leaders say vouchers aren't the answer Latino groups come out against vouchers Our choices, 2007: Editorial Board has weighed in, now it's your turn--Tribune Editorial Vouchers increase chasm between rich, poor VOTE NO ON SCHOOL VOUCHERS

Not vouchers – smaller school districts

I will be voting on a measure where I live to split the Jordan School District into two smaller districts.  I think this is a good move.  Sure, there are always challenges with  running smaller districts - like perhaps not being able to have as many sports programs.   Community schools and smaller districts are a … Continue reading Not vouchers – smaller school districts

Tribune poll: Anti-school vouchers camp has 20-point leadBy Glen Warchol The Salt Lake TribuneArticle Last Updated: 11/01/2007 01:58:06 PM MDT var requestedWidth = 0; if(requestedWidth < 200){ requestedWidth = 200; } if(requestedWidth > 0){ document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').style.width = requestedWidth + "px"; document.getElementById('articleViewerGroup').style.margin = "0px 0px 10px 10px"; } Posted: 1:57 PM- A Salt Lake Tribune poll found little … Continue reading

School Vouchers

Josei Valdez, administrator of the Office of Diversity for the Salt Lake City mayor, had this piece in Friday's Salt Lake Tribune: School vouchers would hurt most low-income children Josie Valdez The pro-voucher people keep touting how Referendum 1 would help those who can least afford a private education. They represent that vouchers will provide … Continue reading School Vouchers

Well Gollllllyyyyyy!

It's like beating my head against a wall......repeatedly. The Deseret News finally published what I and thousands of others have been saying all along: Voucher funds limited:$3,000 could cover less than half of typical tuition At least this finally came out before the elections. Voucher funds limited $3,000 could cover less than half of typical … Continue reading Well Gollllllyyyyyy!

School Vouchers, Continued

In this month's CATALYST Magazine  John deJong addresses school vouchers in his monthly column:What's wrong with vouchers? Well, everything. If you like the idea of your gas money going to Saudi Arabia to support radical Moslem madrasas, you'll love the idea of your education tax dollars going to support exclusive prep schools and Mormon madrasas. … Continue reading School Vouchers, Continued