March with Cindy Sheehan – videos

Here are some amateur videos we took with our cameras of our experience in the March to Impeach on July 23, 2007 with Cindy Sheehan, including a speech by Cindy just before the final leg of the march to Congressman John Conyers office to demand Impeachment Hearings: Cindy's speech to the crowd in front of … Continue reading March with Cindy Sheehan – videos

March with Cindy Sheehan

Tom and I participated in the march in Washington, D.C. on July 23, along with 300 other activists from around the country, from the Arlington National Cemetery to the capitol in an effort to demand that Impeachment be put back on the table.  60 people were arrested in John Conyers' office that day in a … Continue reading March with Cindy Sheehan

Camp Democracy photos – 4- Speakers

Whistleblowing 101: Karen Kwiatkowski, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst;Halliburton Watch Bill Moyer, creator of Bush Chain Gang Paul Robeson, Jr., speaking on his book, A Black Way of Seeing Press conference with Iraq Veterans Aainst War, several of whom were arrested at the Pentagon for laying literature on depleted … Continue reading Camp Democracy photos – 4- Speakers

Camp Democracy photos – 3 – Chain Gang

Perhaps the highlight of our experience at Camp Democracy was becoming involved with the Bush Chain Gang. I've done street theater before but never like this. Tom and I both dressed up in costume multiple times and did actions. I was Donald Rumsfeld the times I was in costume and Tom alternated between Cheney and … Continue reading Camp Democracy photos – 3 – Chain Gang

Camp Democracy photos and posts

I'll be posting photos and accounts of my Camp Democracy experience very soon. As a teaser, watch for photos of me and Tom in costume, photos of speakers like Ray McGovern,Arun Ghandi,Kevin Zeese and Lester Brown; banner making; lots of messages about the Bush regime; and some great political art. I'll also be describing the … Continue reading Camp Democracy photos and posts

Dedicating September 11th to Bush

I met and worked with David Swanson this past weekend. Here is his piece published on Truthout yesterday: Dedicating September 11th to Bush By David Swanson Camp Democracy Monday 11 September 2006 George W. Bush is an ordinary human being, in fact a quite stupid one. So are all of his handlers. They are ordinary … Continue reading Dedicating September 11th to Bush