Dee’s Interview on The New American Dream

I was interviewed awhile back by Mike Paleck"s New American Dream site and am the feature interview today.It will be up until Thursday a.m., then will be in the archives.Mike, who is an Iowa author of peace and justice issues,  visited Salt Lake City last April.  He has authored several books, one of which has … Continue reading Dee’s Interview on The New American Dream


Greens Mourn Loss of Texas Green Bill Holloway

Green Party members nationwide are mourning the unexpected and tragic loss of Texas Green Bill Holloway.Bill was very good to me and Tom when we visited Austin and Camp Casey in August of 2006.  He even wrote about us on his blog.  Here are two photos of us with Bill at Camp Casey: January 10, … Continue reading Greens Mourn Loss of Texas Green Bill Holloway

Omer Goldman and the Israeli Military

Ed Asner on Huffington Post I've been around this world for awhile, and it's pretty hard to leave me speechless. But when I learned about Omer Goldman - well, her story got me. If you haven't heard the name Omer Goldman yet, have a seat and grab your Kleenex. Her courage, and the courage of … Continue reading Omer Goldman and the Israeli Military

Greens on The Green Party

Joe Truss has posted this video on the Green Party  over at Green Change.A thought provoking documentary created by members of the Green Party, in support of Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente and Matt Gonzalez. What is the Green Party? Who are the members? What is Independent Political Action? How is it different from … Continue reading Greens on The Green Party

Granny D offers some assurances

Doris "Granny D" spoke over the weekend in Philadelphia. She was sharing the program with Whoopi Goldberg Philadelphia: October 12, 2008 Thank you. It seems that the world is changing around us this autumn. I know that some of my feistier friends have been hoping for big social and political changes -- for a revolution … Continue reading Granny D offers some assurances

Rosa Clemente – Civil Disobedience and the Patriot Act

Rosa Clemente, Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Mass Civil Disobedience around the environment Using the Patriot act to prosecute protestors as domestic terrorists - Shot by Craig Seeman Patrick Dwyer