Informed Consent: Really?

(Please note sarcasm in last paragraph!)H.B. 200 Informed Consent, which requires ultrasound images to be taken and then displayed to women seeking abortions, if they so choose [to see the images], has generated much controversy, as anything having to do with a woman’s right to choose does.  This bill made it through the Utah House … Continue reading Informed Consent: Really?


Abortion, Life, the planet, and human existence

Yesterday I received and email from someone (whom I had never heard of or met, to the best of my knowledge) asking me my position on abortion.  Here is how I responded:I support a woman's right to choose safe, legal abortion and believe that reproductive  and health issues must remain a medical matter between individuals … Continue reading Abortion, Life, the planet, and human existence

Rally on H.B. 235: Abortion

Today a rally was held at the Utah State Capitol by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU to lobby for a "no" vote to H.B. 235, the bill that originally would have banned abortions in Utah, but has now been reverted back to being a "trigger" bill. The prevailing message was that women must retain the … Continue reading Rally on H.B. 235: Abortion

Thoughts on Abortion

A Maine physician has had a post published on Common Dreams:What it Meant When Abortion Was Illegal. He describes the anger and frustration on the part of his father, a physician who was also a Republican, family man, and well respected community member, when he couldn't save a 16 year old from an abortion-gone-wrong by … Continue reading Thoughts on Abortion

Abortion Bill: Minors will continue to be at risk if this passes

The Utah Senate voted down a proposed amendment on abortion (proposed by Sen. Scott McCoy) that would have helped protect at risk minors. The senate gave preliminary approval to the original bill, required that physicians seek parental consent before performing abortions on minors. (The bill is on hold pending a funding measure.) The current law … Continue reading Abortion Bill: Minors will continue to be at risk if this passes