The Fieldtrip 10: Sacrifice for the Cause

June 17, 2016 I pledge allegiance To all life In its interdependent diversity. And to the planet Upon which it exists One world, under the sky, Undividable, With harmony and balance For all. I went on a field trip with friends to study to the biodiversity of the open land adjacent to the Utah Tar … Continue reading The Fieldtrip 10: Sacrifice for the Cause



It's been a really, REALLY  long time, but I'm back.  Six years ago I decided to take a break from a lot of things. (That's why you see a huge gap between my last post and this one!) I'm ready to get back to work!

Utah Land Belongs to Whom?

Efforts to seize the land in Utah that is protected from development by the Federal Government are continuing by Utah legislators and others. Morgan Philpot is planning to run for Governor in Utah.  According to an article in Utah State University's the Utah Statesman, Philpot is adamant that Utah needs to demand the feds to return … Continue reading Utah Land Belongs to Whom?

“We like GRAMA just the way she is”

Earlier this week I posted about H.B. 477 and the change of heart legislators are communicating.  Since then the  Governor has called a special session to be held Friday March 25 at noon.  Community members have now organized a rally called "Repeal, Don't Replace HB477 (We like GRAMA just the way she is) Rally" tomorrow … Continue reading “We like GRAMA just the way she is”