Divorce Education?

The Utah Legislature will be considering a bill aimed to save marriages.  The mandate will require couples to attend a "divorce education class" before filing for divorce. The bill will make the course free of charge and available online. The proponents say this will help teach marriage survival skills that might turn some away for … Continue reading Divorce Education?


Utah Land Belongs to Whom?

Efforts to seize the land in Utah that is protected from development by the Federal Government are continuing by Utah legislators and others. Morgan Philpot is planning to run for Governor in Utah.  According to an article in Utah State University's the Utah Statesman, Philpot is adamant that Utah needs to demand the feds to return … Continue reading Utah Land Belongs to Whom?

“We like GRAMA just the way she is”

Earlier this week I posted about H.B. 477 and the change of heart legislators are communicating.  Since then the  Governor has called a special session to be held Friday March 25 at noon.  Community members have now organized a rally called "Repeal, Don't Replace HB477 (We like GRAMA just the way she is) Rally" tomorrow … Continue reading “We like GRAMA just the way she is”

H.B. 477: A change of heart?

Utah’s lawmakers are either pulling their collective heads out of the sand or are worried about their political careers…..or both. Perhaps one of the most controversial pieces of legislature in the 2011 Utah Session was the passage and signing of H.B. 477, which now makes electronic communications of elected officials private.  Hundreds of people from … Continue reading H.B. 477: A change of heart?