Education facing the budget axe

It's bad enough that Utah Legislators are attempting to destroy the public educational system in the state.  Along with bills that want to transfer control from the State Board over to the Legilators or the Governor (depending on which bill), the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee has proposed a total of  $257 million dollars to education … Continue reading Education facing the budget axe

Mineral and Petroleum “Literacy” Act: “Balanced” curriculum?

Legislators are on the move this year to take control of Utah's education system (SJR1 and SJR9).  It seems that there are already steps being taken to write curriculum in the form of legislation. Rep. Jack Draxler, R-Logan, is pushing legislation that would require educators to "consider" adding lessons into the curriculum about energy development, … Continue reading Mineral and Petroleum “Literacy” Act: “Balanced” curriculum?

“Pursuit of Happiness”: Not if some legislators have their way….

....all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Are our state legislators really interested in the values of our Founding Fathers?  Or are they more interested in property rights.....including owning the "pursuit of happiness" as property? … Continue reading “Pursuit of Happiness”: Not if some legislators have their way….

Here we go again: raising taxes on food

We  have long written here on the issue of taxes on food by the legislature to fund other areas. This year is no exception to the head rearing of this ugly issue. Bill Tibbitts of Crossroads Urban Center, an organization advocating for the rights of the poor, says: Utah Representative Mike "Nuclear" Noel is proposing … Continue reading Here we go again: raising taxes on food

Immigration Bills bring a lot of attention

A hot issue....again.....this year:  Immigration.   Today the "Don't Let Utah Become Arizona!" rally was held on the steps of Utah's State Capitol building.  Created by a group on facebook called "No SB 1070 in Utah!" the rally was held  in coordination with United for Social Justice ( on the first day of Utah's legislative … Continue reading Immigration Bills bring a lot of attention

A People Divided

Back in November the Deseret News published the Official text of Utah Compact declaration on immigration reform, a declaration of five principles that was endorsed by many community members, including the LDS church, to “guide Utah’s immigration discussion.” Then I was reading yesterday’s Salt Tribune article on the growing Momentum building for Utah immigration reform.   … Continue reading A People Divided