Dear Congress: Please cut funding for nuclear energy development

Dear Congress:

On behalf of my family, particularly my children and grandchildren, and on behalf of the life of our planet, I am requesting a plan that eliminates *any* risk of harm to all life now and in the future.

Working towards a healthier planet is a crucial responsibility of *all*us, of you, the policy makers, as the caretakers of the place our future generations will be living. The news from Japan about the nuclear power plant in Fukushima is a terrible reminder of the fact that nuclear energy is inherently dangerous.

I do not want my taxes to further the nuclear industry by using them for investing in nuclear energy development. I strongly urge you to cut the $38 billion in loan guarantees to the nuclear industry from the proposed budget for next year.

It’s time to commit to responsibly investing in the futures of our children, their children,their descendants and to every living thing. Investing in nuclear energy is risky and dangerous. It’s time to invest in clean, renewable energy.

Sincerely, Deanna L. Taylor


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