H.B. 218: Municipal Disincorporation and Powder Mountain

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

Powder Mountain residents are up in arms. As well they should be. A developer has created and incorporated “Powderville” without surrounding resident’s input, resulting in a lawsuit that has reached the Utah Supreme Court. Established residents and legislators are speaking out and taking action.

House Legislative District 8 Representative Gage Froerer will be soon introduce legislation (Senator Allen Christensen is the Senate co-sponsor) designed to remove the requirement for a 24-month waiting period prior to a municipal disincorporation election, allowing the voters of the town to decide immediately whether or not a town is in the best interest of the majority of citizens and property owners. This may prove to be the best solution for prospective ”Powderville” citizens in a practical sense, provided that Mssrs. Froerer and Christensen can rustle up the necessary votes. For those readers who’d like to chime in with their support for this legislation, we’ll offer several avenues by which our readers can take action.

Read the rest of the story in the Weber County Forum here


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