Utah Legislature Watch – Watch Us Grow!

Two years ago my friend Green Jenni, of Jen’s Green Journal, approached me about creating a site to monitor the activity of Utah Legislators and the Legislative Session.  I thought it was a fantastic idea. Thus, Utah Legislature Watch was born.

The first year, 2008, there was not much activity as we both were very busy with our lives.  Well, we still are very busy with our lives, but last year, 2009, we got in gear and got this project rolling.  We were noticed by many  and were often called by reporters and journalists for interviews.

Today we have an active site with posts almost daily.  We have a few other people listed as authors who occasionally offer posts on the site. 
We have a Facebook Fan Page which, as of today, has 600 fans!  We also have a twitter page which is also growing.

This year our goal is to visit the Legislature personally during session as much as posslble – difficult to do with our jobs and family obligations, so we’ll see how we can achieve that goal.

We need more writers.  If you love to write, contact us (go to the about tab on the site).  If you already report on the Utah Legislature, consider becoming a writer for Utah Legislature Watch and cross-post your blog posts. 

We are excited to continue growing and reporting on the happenings of the Utah Legislature.


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