Gearing up for the 2010 Session

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

Monday is the big day:  Opening of the 2010 Utah Legislature.  Utah Legislature Watch has tools for readers to use to follow the session on the left sidebar of this site.  Here is specific information:

2010 General Session Page

Weekly Schedules

This week’s schedule

Specifically for Monday, Opening Day:

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremony
Adoption of Rules
Introduction of Bills
Introduction of Staff
Assignment of Bills

11:30 AM – 01:50 PM

02:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Floor Time

02:15 PM – 03:30 PM
Joint Convention for the State of Judiciary Speech
House Chambers

Governor Herbert’s State of the State Address will occur Tuesday night at 6:30pm in the House Chambers.

The Legislative District 61 (Utah County) website has tips for citizens as well, which  have been pasted here:


  • Use the Utah State Legislature website — Visiting is the next best thing to visiting the capitol.  Here are some of the great amenities of the site:
    1. Calendar – View the legislative calendar to see what’s coming up by day, by week, and by month.  Click each calendar item to see details and agendas, and to listen to audio and/or subscribe to podcasts of meetings.  You can even request to have a committee’s agendas and minutes emailed to you.
    2. Listen in on meetings — You can listen to committee meetings and floor time live, and also find previously recorded audio.  This is a fascinating, up-to-the-minute approach for following your favorite issues.
    3. Read Bills and Resolutions — The “Bills” link lets you search for legislation/resolutions by bill number, legislator, subject, and more.  You can read the bill, check its status (where it is in the process), see how legislators voted on it, and even sign up to receive email updates when the bill’s status changes (a very easy way to keep track of legislation that is of particular interest).
    4. Citizen’s Guide – Click on the “Citizen’s Guide” link to learn all about the legislative process.
  • Follow that Legislator — Social networking sites are great for keeping up with your legislator.  Become a friend or follower of your legislator on Facebook or Twitter, where you can read their posts about issues and keep current on what they’re accomplishing in the legislature.   This is a great way to get to better know your legislator’s principles and practices.
  • Open Houses / Forums — Watch for legislative open houses / forums that may be held in your precinct or district during the legislative session.  Our District 61 Leadership team is working to organize forums where you can come and listen to/ask questions of our legislators.
  • Contact your Legislators – As always, we encourage you to contact your legislators about issues that are of particular concern to you.  As your representatives, they need to know where you stand on the issues.  Give them a phone call or send them an email.  The legislative session moves along quickly, so if you hear that the legislature is addressing an issue that is important to you, don’t delay contacting your legislators.
  • Visit the Capitol — The public is free to visit the capitol and attend regular committee meetings and house/senate floor time.  Seating for the public is provided at the back of committee meeting rooms.  Public viewing galleries for the house and senate are located upstairs above the house/senate floors.   Check the legislative calendar to find out what’s going on and when.  There are plenty of people at the capitol to help you find what you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Visiting the capitol during the legislative session is educational and enjoyable, and is highly recommended.

Utah Legislature Watch writers will make every effort to visit the Legislature during session as much as possible for in person perspectives for posts.


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