Back to Basics: Working towards new leadership in Utah

(cross-posted to Utah Legislature Watch)

By now most people know that Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon had been courted for entering into the gubernatorial race for Utah which recently became a reality.

Corroon’s grassroots "Back to Basics" campaign is focused on creating jobs, supporting public education, economic development that supports small and local businesses and renewable energy.

Running a gubernatorial race in Utah as a Democrat is very challenging.  Peter Corroon has the passion, leadership, and people skills, not to mention a rapidly growing grassroots support base, to operate a successful campaign.  Utah Legislature Watch will be monitoring and reporting on this race.

Read "The Race is On" by One Utah‘s Cliff Lyon

Read about the Corroon for Governor Bloggers Lunch by One Utah‘s Glenden Brown

View the facebook group created by Misty Fowler who was instrumental in initiating the Draft Corroon for Governor campaign and has been an author for Utah Legislature Watch.

and the Facebook campaign page here.

Corroon’s Campaign committee has created this promotional video:



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