Afghanistan Escalation

The peace community around the nation is outraged at Obama’s announcement of the deployment of 35,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. But should we be surprised? Obama promised the reduction of forces in Iraq and further escalation in Afghanistan during his presidential campaign.

Regardless, not only are more lives going to be lost in an escalation that shouldn’t happen, but billions of taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on this escalation, further impacting domestic programs that provide essential services to human beings in the U.S.

This is an outrage.

There are numerous actions being held around the country this week in reaction to Obama’s announcement. Here in Salt Lake City I hope people will come out to the event listed below to raise their voices:

Afghanistan: No Escalation Vigil – December 3, 5:30pm

Afghanistan: No Escalation!

Vigil, 5:30 – 6:30pm
100 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT


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