4th Annual Imagine Peacefest

It’s been 4 years since the First Imagine Peacefest. Check it out, this Saturday, September 19th, at noon:


Outdoor Plaza (south side of library)

Noon – Opening Ceremony

Noon – 6pm:  Music and other entertainment in the amphitheater


Come hang your wish for peace on the world peace tree!

See the awesome peace jam lineup of prominent local musicians at

Utah Peace Jam!

followed by


Drum Circle – 6pm

All invited to participate

Thank you to Gary Stoddard for organizing this part of the event!

Downstairs in Library

noon to 5:00pm ~ Art Display

Thank you to Westminster Roots and Shoots for organizing this part of the event!

Library Auditorium

beginning at 2:30pm

“World Peace” a short film Produced by
Dan Fahndrich Productions  “Creation in Multimedia”

followed by:

Our feature film about Erica Fernandez,

an amazing youth who is from Oxnard California and stopped a liquified natural gas plant from being put off the shore in her community.

When Erica found out that a liquefied natural gas facility was proposed
for the coast of Oxnard and Malibu with a 36-inch pipeline routed
through low-income neighborhoods, she was outraged. She worked in
concert with the Sierra Club and Latino No on LNG group to mobilize the
youth and Latino voice in protests and public meetings. She organized
weekly protests at the BHP Billiton offices in Oxnard, met regularly
with community members, marched through neighborhoods that would be most impacted, reached out to the media, and brought more than 250 high
school students to a critical rally. Her passionate testimony at the
California State Lands Commission meeting was quoted in news articles,
and helped convince the Commission to vote to deny the project. Next,
she helped convince the California Coastal Commission to vote 12-0
against the project, and worked on a letter writing and phone call
campaign to the Governor asking him to veto the project, just as the
commissioners did.  Erica’s community organizing and dogged determination played a crucial role in helping her community to resist a multinational billion-dollar corporation.


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