Horror of Horrors! School is educating children on conserving resources!

Now this is sick.  The Eagle Forum is at it again.  While it’s o.k. in public schools to showcase Channel One, with its commercials and military ads, it’s not o.k. to to showcase causes about science and the environment.

Posted on KSL.com:

Utah Eagle Forum upset over political video shown at elementary school

September 1st, 2009 @ 10:23pm

FARMINGTON — A video shown at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington has ruffled the feathers of the Utah Eagle Forum which claims it is a political message in support of a "liberal" agenda.

The video, which consists of celebrities pledging support for a variety of causes, was shown on Friday, August 28. The Eagle Forum says it was brought to their attention by concerned parents.

President of the Utah Eagle Forum, Gayle Ruzicka, says the decision to show the video was made by the PTA president and school principal without parental consent.

"I’m very concerned when they show a leftist, liberal political video to elementary-age children without their parents being notified," Ruzicka said.

In a statement to the media, Ruzicka says the "left-wing, liberal, political video shows some useful concepts," but mainly showcases "well-known celebrities pledging and asking viewers to support stem cell research, not flushing the toilet after urinating, not using plastic grocery bags, ‘to sell my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid,’ etc."

According to Ruzicka, the PTA has planned to show the video to parents on Thursday, Sept. 3, at Back-to-School Night, but the principal has now decided not to "because she believes it will ‘cause too much controversy.’"

Ruzicka is asking the superintendent to require the Principal, Ophelia Wade, to send all the parents a link to the video before Back-to-School Night and then give them the opportunity to "voice their opinion."

Meanwhile, Wade is apologizing to parents and says she hopes the incident doesn’t overshadow the school’s effort to motivate students to serve the community.


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