Help me celebrate 50 years of living!

I will soon be 50. Actually in 13 more days I"ll reach the half century mark. I knew it was coming. I’ve been anticipating it all year.

So now that it is inevitable, I"m celebrating! Here is one way that I am honoring my life on earth for 50 years:I will be celebrating 50 years of life on earth on July 27th and my favorite color is GREEN!

I am asking all my friends to please consider donating in my name to the Green Party at my green birthday page:

The Green Party is the party that represents people and their values. There are hundreds of Greens elected in various offices across the
country and are making good changes for our world! There are thousands of Greens in our country who are working hard on social,
economic and environmental justice issues as well.

Please help this party continue to grow by visiting my green birthday page and help make this 50th life celebration one that will do good in our

If you want to send a check you can. If you do, please put the following code on the check or envelope: PS-DT-BDAY

Thank you!

Deanna "Dee" Taylor
July 27, 1959


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