Collecting stories of the impacts on families of the incarcerated – please contribute

I am collecting stories and thoughts using the questions below as prompts. I plan to publish online the informal findings and anecdotal information and will not use names. This project is unfortunately inspired by personal, eye-opening, experience into the U.S. criminal justice system.

If you would like to participate, please forward your answers, stories, trials and tribulations to my email:

These are just prompts, elaboration and additional information is welcome.

I am ONLY seeking information of those who have been DIRECTLY affected by incarceration.

Thank you in advance for your time.

# Do you have relatives or friends who were or who currently are incarcerated? How has that changed the dynamics of our family? What challenges does your family have? What pressures? Have/Did any aspects of your life remain the same?

# Is it common for people to hold stereotypes about those who have been incarcerated? Regardless of their crime?

#Do/Did you feel guilt or shame about their situation? Do you feel any types of stigmas due to your loved one’s incarceration?

#How does/did this impact your family financially?\

#What kind of support, if any, did you receive from the system where your loved on is incarcerated?

# How difficult is/was it for your family to reach out for help?

# What are ways that Becky demonstrates that she values her family?

# Does/Did the loved one’s incarceraton and its challenges affect relationships in your immediate and/or extended family? How?

# What strengths do/did you have to draw upon to deal with your situation?

# What kinds of resources that might help others facing a similar situation would you recommend?

# Have you had or do you know someone who’s had a loved one incarcerated?

# What impact did this have on their family?

# What did it do to their mental health, their financial stability, their marriage, their family?

# What role can families, churches and the community play to help people who are undergoing this kind of crisis?

# How many hardships would you be willing to endure, and for how long? Would you wait until your loved one was released from prison?

# Would you be willing “wait it out”? Why or why not?

# Do you think families with incarcerated loved ones should be assisted in any way by the government? If so, how should the government help these families?

# With over 2 million people in prison in the United States, the number of families enduring similar hardships is increasing. Do you think this special population should be ignored and left to fend for themselves?

# Do you feel there should be more information in the general public about the hardships these families face?

# What can communities do to assist the families of the incarcerated?

# Would you be willing to help out a family in need?

# Do you think a prisoner should be transferred to the state where their family resides?


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