Granny D is 99 today

Today is Doris "Granny D" Haddock’s 99th birthday. She is celebrating with friends today in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and will celebrate again on the 28th in the NH Governor’s office –something of a New Hampshire tradition now.

She will be coming out here to Arizona in a week and a half to get some warm walks and to work on a little writing.

Some of you have sent reports and memories of what you have been up to during the last eight difficult years, and I will have them printed out for her to read and admire. We’ll try to do something to put them all together. (It’s not too late, by the way, to add your story –email me by return post.)

If you want to wish her a happy birthday, consider doing so on the Facebook page a friend has set up for her. I’ll make sure she sees them. If you don’t do Facebook, send an email ( Dennis Burke <>) and I’ll print it out for her. She does have email, but it gets backlogged terribly.  She has a phone, but she would kill me if I asked everyone to call today, as she has a goal of calling 100 members if the NH Legislature today –she is pushing a state bill for campaign finance reform.


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