There is an interesting conversation happening over on Facebook about the article I posted,

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I have hidden the names of all the commentors, but here are the contents of the response thus far:

Respondent 1:  Are there actually people dumb or gullible enough to believe the absurdly blatant lies upon which this left wing loon bases his ideological rants? Everything I read in the limited time I could stomach the contents of this Bush-hating, America-bashing diatribe is blatantly false.

Respondent 2:  How did this idiot get in here?

Respondent 1:  Anybody that doesn’t agree with you is an idiot? That’s the left wing strategy — when you can’t argue with the facts, disparage the presenter and / or make up your own "facts."

This article says the U.S. killed 1.0MM Iraqi’s? Even Tim Robbins only came up with 400,000 when he fabricated his number. The U.N. and IRC both estimate the number at …  Read More75,000 people, which is roughly the same number of innocent Iraqi’s that Saddam Hussein killed every 4 months, year after year after year. If Saddam Hussein were still in power, he would have murdered far more people than were killed by U.S. forces since they removed him from power. Instead, this author makes up numbers (among other things) to make the US look bad. The U.S. is a great, noble, nation — an opinion that apparently makes me an idiot.

I can respect the viewpoints of others, and agree to disagree. When a link like this shows up on my home page, I want to be clear that I do not support such nonsense.

DeeIdentifying people as "dumb", "idiot", "gullible enough", "America bashing" or "nonsense" are all names that are not respectful. I am hopeful that people here can engage in dialogue without resorting to such labels or name calling and can indeed "agree to disagree" or choose to delete the offensive persons from their friends list.

Respondent 1:  Promoting the blatant lie that the US military killed 1.0MM innocent Iraqis, shows the utmost disrespect to those that risk and have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of millions of Iraqi’s — those that are now experiencing this basic human right for the first time. Our military is not a band of war criminals — they are the greatest …  Read MoreAmericans of all.

How can such lies be so blindly accepted? What is the purpose of fabricating such a lie, if not for the sole purpose of bashing America? Being unable to credibly defend this claim explains the attempt to divert attention away from it.

I don’t mind differing opinions as long as they truthful. However, the promotion of dangerously dishonest propoganda on my home page will always be called into question.

Dee:  I would like to see the source that you quote "….which is roughly the same number of innocent Iraqi’s that Saddam Hussein killed every 4 months, year after year after year". Please provide links with numbers.

There is no government agency that keeps official track of civilian deaths in Iraq (they want to keep it a secret). I think that …  Read Morepeople extrapolate numbers of deaths from a variety of sources (see below) and assume that the number is higher than published. And it probably is – again my opinion based on what I have read in *news* sources.
Here are links to sources that are attempting to keep track, many which state that even though hard data is not entirely present, it is likely that over 1 million Iraqis have died in this conflict.
Opinion Business Research:
Lancet Survey info with links:
Iraq Body Count:

Respondent 1:  I cannot give credibility to an article whose title refers to those killed in the war as "murdered," and does not distinguish between those killed by Iraqi terrorists and the military coalition.  My numbers are supported by the "guilty" verdict handed down to Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity.



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