The Sugarhouse Debacle

It’s been well over a year since Sugarhouse merchants were forced to move from their locations so that a rich developer could level the building and erect a newer high rise structure. Well, the building was leveled (nearly a year ago), but nothing else has happened.

Today’s Deseret news reports that developer Craig Mecham has been issued the directive by Salt Lake City to fill the “crater” that sits in the middle of the Sugarhouse buisness district.

Of course Mr. Mecham has complained to the city about the cost of leveling the old structure and blames the city’s plannign commission for not helping him move his project along more quickly and claims that he is not in a financial position to obtain financing and feels he is being singled out.

Give me a break.

Mecham should have put all his ducks in a row before he ever evicted the tenants that made Sugarhouse what is was. As it is now, the tenants are gone, many of them not yet able to open their businesses elsewhere and the heart of Sugarhouse is ruined, inlcuding the economical impact of Mecham’s irresponsible, greedy actions.


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