McKinney/Clemente on the Ballot in over 30 states so far, not including write-ins

Shamelessly stolen from Green Party Watch

What is the current state of Ballot Access?

September 8th, 2008

Greens and McKinney supporters across the nation want to know which states the McKinney/Clemente ticket will be on the ballot and where they will be write-in candidates.

At Ballot Access News the chart shows the McKinney/Clemente ticket on in 31 states and DC. In an email to state McKinney campaign coordinators National Party Secretary Holly Hart said that the campaign is on in those 31 states and DC and expects to be on in Vermont as well. With a lawsuit underway in North Carolina, that state party went ahead and set themselves up to conduct a write-in campaign so those votes would be counted in case the suit is not settled before then.

Other states with “official” write-in campaigns include Indiana, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. Missouri, Kentucky and Alaska are likely to have “official” write-in campaigns. Kansas, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut are possible write-in states. Both Idaho and North Dakota fall into the “unsure” category for write-ins, and both Oklahoma and South Dakota will not count our write-in votes.

The good news is, if your state is not in the lists above, McKinney/Clemente will be on your ballot come November!


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